Police search for anti-abortion link has turned up no evidence.

Police in Hamilton are investigating an incident in which a local doctor who performs abortions was injured by a bullet from a high powered rifle as he sat watching television in his suburban home on November 10.

Hugh Short, 62, was hit in the right elbow by a bullet shot from outside his bome.  Police who recovered a spent casing 67 possibilities of either an anti-abortion attack or a stray shot fired from a deer hunter.

Short’s home sits in a wooded area in the suburb or Ancaster where deer often roam.

“As we search for a positive motive, this (an anti-abortion link) is one of the possibilities.  This is still wide open,” said Hamilton Wentworth Regional Police spokeman Sgt. Dennis Waddle.

Hamilton police are reported to be consulting with their counter parts in Vancouver, where abortionist Garson Romalis was shot last November, and with the U.S. F.B.I.

Short, a long-time obstetrician and gynecologist, is said to perform abortions “on occasion” at Henderson General Hospital, one of two Hamilton hospitals which perform abortions.