On May 17, 30 pro-lifers picketed Attorney General Ian Scott as he entered St. Thomas Parish Hall in Belleville for a seminar. Ironically, the seminar at which Mr. Scott spoke was entitled “ The Rights of the Victims of Crime.”

Peter Wheatley, picket organizer, questioned Mr. Scott on bail conditions; closing the Toronto Morgentaler abortuary; the refusal to charge the new abortionists; and the charges laid against peaceful picketers. Mr. Scott spoke rapidly and non-stop and had to be interrupted by Mr.Wheatley in a vain attempt to keep the evasive answers in check.

Local pro-lifers were encouraged not only by the number of picketers present on a working day but also by local front-page media coverage and by all the passers-by who honked or smiled in support. Many who volunteered did not want to stop and continued to picket until 20 minutes after Mr. Scott left.