At 7 a.m. on April 28, a healthy 8 lb. boy was born in one of Toronto’s hospitals. What makes this birth so remarkable is that he is one of the small number of babies snatched from death by the sidewalk counsellors at the Harbord Street abortuary.

A very important aspect of saving this baby’s life ( and also the life of the baby whose story appeared in the May edition of The Interim), was the role played by sacrifice and by trust in God. Both babies were saved within days of pro-lifers going to jail (myself and Father Alphonse de Valk) and I believe that these babies were God’s answer to those sacrifices.

This baby’s parents had an appointment for an abortion last October and, as in my custom most lunch hours, I was a sidewalk counselling at the abortuary. As they approached, I offered them help and invited them into the “Way Inn.” After a brief discussion, they came with me to the Right to Life office where I placed them in the hands of other counsellors.

Since that time, Jennifer McAvoy and I have taken this couple under our wing and have helped them find work and accommodation. We encountered many social problems faced by this couple and there are still some major problems unresolved.

However, all the problems paled into insignificance as we held the baby in our arms and heard the baby’s father say,” our baby would be dead if you had not been there that day.”

As a footnote to this story, let me make a few less happy comments.

The tragedy in my mind is that far more babies and their mothers could be saved from the horrors of abortion of just a few more people were willing to “ spend an hour with Me.”

One of the Biblical references which sustain me in the back alley is the fact that I am actually spending an hour with my Lord. He wants us to be where the most despised, defenceless and maltreated of His people are. Who is more despised, defenceless and maltreated than an unborn baby going along a back alley to an abortuary?

I invite anyone with the following attributes to come and join in God’s most satisfying work-saving life:

  • Love and compassion for mother and baby
  • Non –judgmental
  • Willing to take the abuse of the abortionists and all their co-workers
  • Willing to be available to do God’s work without expecting visible success

Campaign Life co-ordinates this work, so please call Jennifer at 368-8479 and offer your “ hour.”