Records subpoenaed

CalgaryCampaign Life Coalition Calgary has served two subpoenas on the Peter Lougheed Centre to obtain the medical records pertaining to its abortion unit.  The Centre is a subdivision of the Calgary General Hospital.

Coalition president Michael Manley explained that the records are needed to illustrate that abortion caused serious physical harm.  He said the records will prove that he and other Coalition members acted out of necessity rather than with criminal intent when they interrupted the scheduled abortions by blocking access to the Centre on February 28 and March 7.

The writs were served on Roy Sihvon, acting president of the centre.  Sihvon will ask the court on June 20 to quash the request.

Meanwhile, pro-lifers picket the Lougheed Centre every Tuesday when abortions are committed.

Clergy to defend truth

Toronto The injunction issued May 6 on behalf of Henry Morgentaler’s Harbord Street abortuary is being challenged by Roman Catholic and Evangelical clergymen.  The sweeping injunction not only prohibits all protests, picketing or demonstrations within 500 feet of 85 Harbord Street, but also any counseling or interfering with contractual arrangements of Morgentaler clients anywhere in the province.

The clergymen oppose the injunction as an assault on the civil rights of Canadians.  But more importantly, they oppose it in principle.  An acceptable legal tool has been used to protect the non-existent “right” of a woman to kill her preborn baby.  There is no such right, they say, nor has such a right ever existed in history.

Public picketing began on Friday, May 12.  On Friday, May 19 the first priest was arrested and released.  The effort will continue in the weeks ahead.