A new group has been formed in Southern Alberta to stop teenage pregnancy and V.D. by encouraging chastity for teens.


Teen-Aid has been organized by the Lethbridge and District Pro-Life Association as Alberta’s official affiliate for Teen-Aid Inc.


Teen-Aid believes that promoting chastity among young people will lead to a higher self-esteem and stronger family ties in marriage. They report that 2313 girls between the ages of 13 and 19 became pregnant in 1982 (in Alberta). So Teen-Aid believes that “the best birth control for teens is self-control.”


By avoiding premarital sex, teenagers can also avoid Herpes, loss of self-esteem contraceptive side effects, forced marriage, and emotional disorders.


The group offers a school curriculum for teens, a course for parents, as well as information services in the community. The organization hopes soon to offer teen and parent counseling and a media campaign.       


Teen-Aid members say that support in Southern Alberta has been “overwhelming” and financial assistance is much needed. For more information or financial support, contact: Teen-Aid of Calgary Box 8896, Station F, Calgary, Alberta T2J 5S5.