Members of the pro-life, pro-family community are realizing the great urgency to form and join an international “Alliance of the Two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary” to offset the impact of abortion, euthanasia, pornography, radical feminism and the anti-family mentality. The alliance is also aimed at ending the “culture of death” and its harmful effect on the family.

The goal of this International Alliance of the Holy Family which is a team of people promoting this spiritual devotion, is to work toward the sanctification of the family, through recourse to the communication of reparation to the Two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. There are bishops and a cardinal on the group’s directorate.

Gilles Grondin, President of Campaigne Quebec Vie, in his book By This Sign You Shall Conquer, outlines how he gives himself to this movement. Grondin was invited by Jim Hughes, President of Campaign Life Coalition, to attend a meeting on the United Nations conference in Istanbul. Grondin is now “entirely at the disposal” of this movement.

Grondin and others have made presentations at conferences for the Alliance of the Sacred Hearts in Kenya and Uganda in Africa, in March and in Cornwall, Ontario in June.

Father Stephen Somerville of Toronto is one of the spiritual coordinators. Leaders of the Alliance have traveled to Rome, the Philippines and worldwide and have the endorsement of the Pontifical Council for the Family. Bishops, clergy and laity have helped coordinate Urgency Conferences on the Alliance of the Two Hearts in their dioceses to spread the Alliance in Canada.

Every first Friday of the month, all churches are encouraged to hold all-night prayer vigils of reparation to the Two Hearts; beginning with Mass on Friday evening and ending early Saturday morning with Mass, Holy Hours of eucharistic adoration, Sacrament of Penance/ Confession.

Father Somerville recently published the booklet “Nine Nocturns of Prayer to the Holy Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Communication of Reparation”, which can be made available for parishes across Canada.

The spiritual movement and devotion aims at overcoming the evils promulgated worldwide and through the United Nations in their recent series of “monster conferences” which are weakening family and tradition cultures. Some fear that once these strongholds of Christianity have been eradicated, materialistic New Age values will come to fill the void.

This was the topic presented by both Louis Dr Rocco of Campaign Life Coalition at the conference in Cornwall and Gilles Grondin, for the French- speaking participants.

Freemasonry was also exposed for having spread the culture of death and penetrating into the heart of the Church has never changed its condemnation of freemasonry.

The Cornwall program included prayer, praise and worship, a welcome address by Bishop Eugene LaRocque, followed by a video and a series of talks on the Sanctification of the Family.

There was a bilingual panel of speakers including Bishop LaRocque, Bishop Jesus Varela of the Philippines, Father Edgardo Arelleno, Jean Guilfoyle, Father Thomas Hanely, Louis Di Rocco, Father Somerville, Rebecca Morcos, Steve Mahowold, Pere Rene Dube, Gilles Grondin, and others.