More than 34,612 emails and 1,078 letters of support were sent to Ontario Court Justice Rick Libman in support of Mary Wagner.  We excerpt some of the communications below.  For the story about the letters and Wagner’s sentences, see ‘Outpouring of support for Wagner’  HERE.

I wholeheartedly support the efforts of Ms. Mary Wagner to protect the rights of unborn children – to convince mothers to refrain from killing their helpless unborn child.  Please take into consideration that Ms. Wagner is not doing anything wrong in defending the right of life to those who just cannot plead for their own selves.  She selflessly manifests her love for others.

Mary Wagner

Mary Wagner

Mary Wagner is a gentle and very kind woman who is doing what many will not do; she is speaking out not only for those who cannot she is trying desperately to reach those mothers to prevent them from doing something that will hurt them in the long run.

I have met Mary Wagner on a couple of occasions and have been impressed with her gentleness and quiet determination.

Mary is a mild peaceful, principled individual, who has the reputation for her kindness and caring towards all people, including the unborn.  Her attempt to provide a caring ear and alternative, in what must be a stressful time for expectant mothers, should be lauded, and not punished.

– no violence, no screaming, just a firm but gentle plea to those ladies to reconsider what they were doing.

Mary Wagner, who I have counted as a dear friend for some eighteen years now, I can say without hesitation that she is a person of rare compassion and conviction.  For Mary, her response seems always to be “Here I am, Lord. I am ready to do your will”

The women making this most difficult decision, are scared, feel alone and ill advised.  They lack support in the decision they make.  This affects their life forever and they do not realize it at the time.  I believe Mary only offers them that support, love and care that they lack.  How kind is that?  This is not a crime.

I have observed Mary Wagner to be a gentle, compassionate and modest person, who is kind to everyone and exceptionally patient with children.  She is a person of integrity and fortitude.  She peacefully stands up for what is right.

Miss Wagner, I must believe treasures the body of law we have in Canada, but I believe that she acts in the great tradition of Biblical Daniel, taking a position for God and for the values she considers inherent in life as it is provided for us.  Her actions are consistent with her belief that “He is the living God and He endures forever; His Kingdom will not be destroyed, His dominion will never end…”  Daniel 6:26

The first time I met Mary she made an inexpressibly deep impression on me, in a way that no one ever had before, or since.  Her profound love for humanity positively exuded from her.  I can honestly say that she is the gentlest kindest, most peaceful and most loving person I have ever met.

I can only believe that Mary is not acting out of disrespect of current Canadian laws, but out of a very strong conviction that a great injustice is being perpetrated against a portion of our society’ unborn children.

I met Mary many years ago in a chapel.  She was praying with tears in her eyes about a young boy who had a brain tumour and was about to die.  This is Mary’s loving heart, pained by innocent suffering.

Good citizens such as Mary Wagner must act in good conscience to protect these children in the event of imminent mortal threat.

I admire Mary Wagner.  She has a passion to protect people who are being slaughtered.  I know, most people don’t life that word slaughtered or murdered but that is what is happening.

We know Ms. Wagner to be an active pro-life enthusiast who visits abortion facilities in order to offer alternatives to the mothers of these defenseless infants; she does so very peacefully, politely and without coercion.

Mary has never used violence and has never been a harm to anyone or to society at large.  She is following her conscience in a non-violent and caring manner, as we are all called to do.

Over the span of my 66 year lifespan I have had the honor of meeting or knowing five saintly people.  Mother Teresa, John Paul II, Mother Angelica, Mary Wagner and my own mother.   Mary Wagner is choosing to follow a higher social and spiritual order than the civil order of our Canadian Parliament.  Her choice is a determined one to proceed with informing mothers that the choice they should make is to give life to their child.  She offers them love and encouragement.

Today I work professionally as a psychologist and therapist helping people with problems, also suffering from post-abortion syndrome.  The knowledge and beliefs of Mary Wagner are a source of professional knowledge for me and a very good example for those who suffer and who seek help from me.

I personally know Mary and admire her greatly.  In my opinion, she is a courageous and dedicated woman who believes in the sacredness of life, especially life in utero.  I wholeheartedly support Mary’s actions and efforts in trying to appeal to women to refrain from aborting their babies.

Mary is one of the finest people I know and she follows her conscience in her activities.  She looks to a morality that sees respect of human life as the essence of being.

Mary Wagner is a heroic prisoner of conscience for the truth of human life as defined by science and faith.

Mary wants to save these precious innocent and vulnerable pre-born babies.  She also wants to save the mothers and fathers from making an unconscionable choice that will lead to regret and anguish.

Mary Wagner feels that she is conscience bound to defend the right to life of innocent unborn persons and is ready to sacrifice her freedom and comfort and go to prison in order to highlight and publicize the plight of the unborn.