U.S. election offers stark choice on abortion

The U.S. election is about many issues including the fitness of the two major candidates to lead and the president’s handling of the pandemic and the economy. A major difference between the parties and presidential candidates is their approach to abortion, which would have been important to many voters but will have a higher profile and could become the issue of the [...]

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Amazing response to Mary Wagner

More than 34,612 emails and 1,078 letters of support were sent to Ontario Court Justice Rick Libman in support of Mary Wagner.  We excerpt some of the communications below.  For the story about the letters and Wagner's sentences, see 'Outpouring of support for Wagner'  HERE. I wholeheartedly support the efforts of Ms. Mary Wagner to protect the rights of unborn children – [...]

Top 10 stories of 2016

MPP Sam Oosterhoff 10. Renewed pro-life political activism in Canada Social conservatives were making news in Canada for grassroots involvement. The October victory of 19-year-old socially conservative Sam Oosterhoff over Ontario Progressive Conservative president Rick Dykstra for the party’s nomination in a by-election was heralded as a victory for the movement over the party establishment. But it began when grassroots [...]

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Zika virus outbreak leads to abortion push in Latin America

Abortion advocates are using the Zika virus to pressure Latin American governments to expand access to abortion. The Zika virus is transmitted to humans bitten by infected Aedes aegypti mosquitoes residing in tropical areas. About one in five infected individuals experience mild symptoms of fever, rash, joint pain, and red eyes for up to a week. The virus was first detected in [...]

Arresting portraits and good examples

In his latest book, Telling Lives, Ian Hunter, emeritus professor of law at Western University, presents an entertaining and inspirational series of sketches of 10 people with “effective, forcible, striking” personalities. The book begins with an intriguing essay entitled “Jesus: The Evidence.” Drawing upon decades of experience as an award-winning teacher and practitioner of criminal law, Hunter applies his expertise on the rules of [...]

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Top 14 stories of 2014

14. UN condemns Vatican for Catholic teaching on abortion On January 31, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child released a report castigating the Vatican for its moral teachings. The committee, which provides oversight to the 1990 Convention on the Rights of the Child, focused on the Catholic Church’s handling of cases of abuse of children by priests, but [...]

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UN chastises Vatican over Catholic moral teachings

On January 31, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child released a report castigating the Vatican for its moral teachings. The committee, which provides oversight to the 1990 Convention on the Rights of the Child, focused on the Catholic Church’s handling of cases of abuse of children by priests, but in its 16-page report it also took the liberty [...]

The Pill at 50

The so-called liberator of women has actually hurt them History The 1892 Criminal Code of Canada outlawed birth control, declaring it obscene and “tending to corrupt morals.” It also, however, left a clause that permitted the distribution of birth control if it was for the “public good.” The American Congress had already banned birth control information in 1873, citing the same reason. [...]

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Creeping euthanasia: In many places, it advances by stealth

Where are we now? Where do we go? This article is written to establish the current concerns related to the issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide and the direction in which we must turn in order to reverse the trend toward giving physicians the right to intentionally and directly cause the deaths of their patients. In Canada, the debate surrounding euthanasia and [...]

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Anti-human life environmentalism

Green activists promote one-child policy, contraception as keys to save planet The National Post’s Diane Francis promoted the idea of a global one-child policy in her Dec. 8, column. The article ran at the beginning of the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, and in it Francis, the editor-at-large of the Post’s Financial Post section, said the real [...]

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Top 10 stories of 2009

10. Quebec gives special rights to abortion mills In the spring, the Quebec National Assembly passed new safety and hygiene regulations for all health care facilities in the province. In August, abortion mills and supporters were lobbying to have offices and facilities that provide abortions exempted from the regulations and two of them threatened to close or stop committing abortion procedures if [...]

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Michael Coren collection worth (re)reading

As I See It by Michael Coren (Freedom Press, $21.95 paperback, 306 pages) When I went to university in the United States, I stopped following Canadian news, but I did continue reading a few Canadian columnists on the internet. One of those columnists was Michael Coren. There are many reasons why I should not have read him. He supports more government intervention [...]

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40 things for which the pro-life movement can be thankful

For living in a great country in which pro-life activism, despite the obstacles and difficulties, still flourishes. For the means to be actively pro-life – our health, our families, those in the background that make things happen. For the unwed mothers who keep their babies despite feelings of hopelessness and vulnerability or in the face of challenging emotional or physical environments. For [...]

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How to live your values at college

It’s back-to-school time and parents and students alike are experiencing the university jitters. First-year students are anxious about the unknown social and academic challenges that lie ahead, while parents – well, parents always worry. The students want to know what they are facing and the parents will want to know whether there is any real basis for concern. Should they [...]

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