You probably haven’t heard of Bill 28, “An Act to Amend the Children’s Law Reform Act,” also known as the “All Families are Equal Act.” The Ontario government is ramming through this Orwellian bill that redefines family relationships. It was introduced on Sept. 29 and passed second reading and sent to the Standing Committee on Social Policy within a week for a mere two days of consultations. There was little coverage in the media.

Real Women said Bill 28 “turns on its head the former understanding of ‘family’ which consisted of individuals united by marriage, blood and adoption.” It provisions say a child may have up to four parents including the same-sex partners of biological parents, without going through a formal adoption process. The terms mother and father are being removed from birth certificates.

A major problem with the bill is that the government has inadequately explained its rational for introducing C-28 and rushing it through the legislature and committee has prevented a thorough debate that could look at the reason for the changes and its possible unintentional consequences.

Oddly, while restructuring the family by altering the terms of various relationships, Bill 28 does not address practical details such as the custody and support of the child. Real Women says, “at any time after a child is born, any person having an interest may apply to the court for a declaration that a person is or is not a parent of the child.” Thus the interests of children are sacrificed on the altar of diversity and equality.