Mary Wagner has been in jail since her August 2012 arrest at a Toronto abortion mill and as part of her defense she is claiming a constitutional right to protect unborn children by counselling abortion-minded women to not kill their unborn babies.

Wagner’s lawyer Charles Lugosi argues that her actions are protected under Section 27 of the Criminal Code, which justifies use of force to prevent an assault upon another human being. In 2013, Justice Fergus O’Donnell of the Ontario Court of Justice denied Wagner’s request for public funding of her constitutional challenge.

On May 29, there will be dinner at Canada Christian College in Toronto to help the Mary Wagner Defense Fund. Linda Gibbons will be the feature speaker and she will talk about the case. The College is covering the cost for the dinner so the entire $30 ticket price will go to the Defense Fund.  See flyer HERE

For more information call or email organizer Leeda Crawford at (416) 538-1390 leedac@sympatico.ca.

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