The federal government’s approach to homosexual unions is to assuage the concerns of the majority and placate the demands of a vocal minority by legislating same-sex “marriage” while vowing to “protect” churches’ right not to perform them. In essence, they’re saying to Canada, just trust us. Right.

In 1967, the Liberal government of the day legalized contraception and vowed that it would not lead to abortion. Just trust us, they said. Two years later, Pierre Trudeau’s Liberal government brought in abortion on demand when it passed the Omnibus Bill.

Can we trust today’s Liberal government? For how long will this protection stand?

While this current government may believe that the churches should not be forced to contradict their own teachings, what guarantee is there that future governments or court decisions will be so tolerant? Just four years ago (June 9, 1999), the House of Commons voted 216-55 to affirm a motion defining marriage as “the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others,” and calling upon Parliament “to take all steps necessary to preserve this definition.” Then Justice Minister Anne McLellan supported the motion but said it was unnecessary because the definition would always stand.