From March 28-31, over 3,200 people from across the globe gathered in Mexico City to attend the World Congress of Families III, the largest-ever international gathering of pro-family leaders, activists and thinkers. Hosted by the Family Network (Mexico), along with co-convening pro-family organizations from every continent, participants met, networked and forged an international pro-family alliance that transcends national borders, cultures and faith traditions.

In his opening speech, Dr. Allan Carlson, president of the Howard Centre and founder of the WCF, outlined the three goals for the Mexico City congress: to mobilize an international pro-family alliance to counter “forces hostile to traditional family life that have tried to use the UN to impose their agenda;” to meet and learn from other participants; and to learn about and confront the threats to the family, including the erosion of parental rights and homosexual “marriage.”

Martha Fox, first lady of Mexico, also addressed the packed room, and stated, “No matter what country we come from today, we have a common vision – the value of the family. Family is the hope of the world.”

In a statement that was read to the crowd, U.S. President George W. Bush encouraged the commitment of the WCF to “recognize the importance of families in our society. Around the world, families are the source of help, hope, and stability for individuals and nations. As one of the pillars of civilization, families must remain strong and we must defend them during this time of great change.”

The WCF III generated a Mexico City declaration that set forth guidelines for national and international family policy. These principles include:

  • The natural family as the fundamental unit of society
  • Marriage as a committed union between one man and one woman
  • The natural family as the optimal environment for the healthy development of children
  • The intrinsic and inviolable dignity of each human person from fertilization until natural death.