John Kerry’s flip-flops are well-documented and becoming more and more frequent. Almost daily, it seems, the Kerry campaign offers us contradictory statements on a variety of issues and this week has been no exception. Yesterday, it was traditional marriage.

On the campaign trail, Senator Kerry insists he supports marriage remaining the union of one man and one woman – even though he voted against the Defence of Marriage Act and opposed the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Senator Kerry says he supports efforts in the state of Massachusetts to overturn the state supreme court’s imposition of same-sex “marriage” by judicial fiat. But a February 2004 USA Today headline read, “Kerry signed letter backing gay marriage” – referring to a July 2002 letter opposing a state marriage amendment in Massachusetts.

After 71 per cent of the people of Missouri voted last month in support of a state amendment affirming traditional marriage, Kerry told a Kansas City, Mo. NBC affiliate the he too would have voted for the Missouri marriage amendment.

But now, John Kerry has once again switched sides. In an interview published in a homosexual magazine, Kerry insists he was “unbriefed” on the specific language of the Missouri amendment and would not have voted for it. He then goes on to elaborate: “Well, the presidency is the power of bully pulpit to some degree, and you have to talk reasonably to people. Look – you have to begin at a beginning. It took us a long time to pass the civil rights law. It took us a long time for women to get the right to vote in America. You have to fight for things. And you pick a starting point and my starting point is to try to pass ENDA and try to pass hate crimes. And you begin to educate people, and hopefully you change the climate and tone. You’ve got to begin with ENDA and begin with hate crimes and proceed to grow people’s understanding.”

My friends, on an issue as fundamental as the meaning of marriage, I don’t want you to be similarly “unbriefed.” One candidate in this election supports a constitutional amendment to protect traditional marriage so that future generations of children are raised with mothers and fathers. That candidate is George W. Bush.

John Kerry, evidently, wants to use the “bully pulpit” of the presidency to advance the homosexual agenda one step at a time so that some day, same-sex “marriage” will be legal.

Gary Bauer is chairman of the Campaign for Working Families. This originally appeared as part of Bauer’s Sept. 17 daily e-mail dispatch.