Interim Staff

Leon Konik has been evicted from his Church Street apartment in Toronto, because he graphically displayed his opinion that marriage is the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others.

Konik, an opponent of same-sex “marriage” who lives in the “Gay Village” area of Toronto, returned home after a Defend Marriage rally with a poster that read, “Marriage = 1 man + 1 woman,” and put it in his window, where it remained through the annual Pride Week activities.

On June 28, Konik was served a notice that informed him his display would result in eviction from his home of 25 years. The notice specifically referenced the banner as the reason.

Konik had earlier been forced to sign an agreement not to put up signs “that may be perceived as being directly or indirectly derogatory toward others, either during Gay Pride or at other times,” after he displayed a sign that read, “Gay Shame.”

According to the Catholic Register, which broke the story, property manager Philip Eram was asked if such an agreement violated Konik’s constitutional rights to freedom of expression, to which Eram replied, “That would be up to a judge to decide.”

As reported, “In the repeated experience with Canadian courts … Christians opposed to the homosexual political juggernaut have discovered that while all Canadians may be equal, the politically correct supporters of the new sexual morality are more equal than others.”

Eram, president of Precision Property Management Inc., said he was not so much concerned that Konik’s rights were not abrogated as by the view that Konik “chose to ignore the rights of others and the rights of the co-op.”

One commentator reacted to Eram’s argument, noting it was befuddling that the mere “expression of a differing opinion could be a violation of anyone’s rights.”