“I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.” (Jude 3)

Nobody will dispute that homosexual rights advocates and their supporters have recently won huge battles in our nation. One can scarcely imagine a greater coup than the passage of Bill C-38, which changed the traditional definition of marriage to include homosexual couples. This single piece of legislation marks a watershed, which will in time lead to the widespread homosexualization of Canadian culture. Some may scoff and say, “Only a small percentage of homosexuals will actually marry, so how can it have any significant impact on culture?” They forget that the far greater achievement of Bill C-38 will be to fundamentally alter attitudes and perceptions. For homosexual practice, once regarded as beyond the pale, is now deemed to be on a par with the traditional intimacy that occurs in heterosexual marriage. In short, fellow Canadians are already granting the acceptance for which homosexuals have always yearned. For what is legal soon comes to be seen as moral.

What is of even greater concern is what is happening in the churches of Canada. For while secular society may from time to time go off the rails, I look to the churches to provide light and truth that may, over time, bring the larger society back on course. Tragically, in a growing number of churches, there is fog, confusion and deception about the definition of sin. For, make no mistake, this is a battle over the truth about what constitutes right and wrong.

Homosexual activists and their supporters seek to redefine biblical teaching concerning homosexual practice. The majority would either claim that biblical teaching is misunderstood or irrelevant. Major battles have already been fought and lost in some of the liberal churches. Some of these churches now “marry” homosexual couples, while others, at this point, will only grant their “blessing” to them. These churches have accommodated themselves to cultural mores and cannot possibly help secular culture find its way back to the light.

My greatest concern, however, is the battle for truth that is not happening in countless evangelical churches. I hear reports from friends who have visited Holland where same-sex “marriage” has been adopted since 2001. They tell me that one of the great historic churches of the Reformation has come to terms with homosexuality and sees it as quite an acceptable development. I have a close friend here in Canada, from one of the Anabaptist churches, and he tells me that his denomination is well along the road to accepting homosexual practice. I personally know of another confessional church congregation of Reformation heritage that has come to be a so-called affirming church. They welcome and affirm practising homosexuals in their midst.

I have heard from a pastor in an evangelical church who tried to take a biblical stand on the issue in his congregation and was rebuked for his efforts by his church board. I know from talking with colleagues and adherents from evangelical churches that very few pastors are willing to regularly address issues of morality from the pulpit and especially, the biblical teaching on homosexuality. To be sure, there are some, and they are to be commended wherever they are, but I believe their numbers are minuscule.

Evangelicals have historically been seen as people of “the Book.” They have been “valiant for truth” people who clung closely to the revelation of Scripture. Where are those voices today? Why is there largely nothing but irresponsible silence from so many Christian pulpits? Leaders must engage the enemy at the point of attack on truth. Many, far too many “valiant ones,” are simply not contending for truth in the battle that is underway.

The fifth columnists in Madrid during the Spanish Civil War were supposedly onside with the Loyalists, but in reality, they were supporters of the other four Nationalist columns that were marching against the city. Silent Christian pastors are like fifth columnists. For truth that is not proclaimed aids and abets falsehood. Light that is not held up means that darkness will win the day.

There is very little time and much darkness to roll back. Evangelicals must immediately repent of negligence and ungodly silence. They must begin to contend for the integrity of the faith according to the challenge in the Book of Jude. Failing that, the tsunami of false teaching will thunderously crush and overwhelm biblical truth in countless churches. If that should happen, it might only be a few years hence that the faith preached will no longer resemble the faith once entrusted to the saints.