“We feel the fetus is completely and utterly unprotected by the new law,” stated Dr. Paul Ranalli, at a weekend conference November 5.

Ranalli, a Toronto neurologist, acted as a spokesman for 1600 member Physicians for Life, together with Dr. Williard Johnston of Vancouver, and Dr. Colin Merry of Winnipeg.

Physicians for Life, he said, disagree with the Canadian Medical Association’s support for abortion on demand. And so do 65 per cent of Canadian doctors who favour some legal constraints on abortion, as indicated by a recent survey of over 10 000 Canadian doctors.

Earlier, Dr. Judy Kazimirski, current chairman of the CMA board of directors, complained that the new bill still treats abortion as a crime. Similarly, Dr. Ted Broadway, director of health policy for the Ontario Medical Association, claimed that doctors want abortion “decriminalized.” (Ottawa Citizen. November 4)