Is there any connection between the Titanic tragedy and the abortion tragedy? Is there sad, ironic similarity between the cruel unfair and sudden death of hundreds of innocent victims in the Titanic sinking and the cruel, unfair and sudden death of thirteen babies in the Halifax abortion clinic of Henry Morgentaler?

A group of Halifax pro-lifers feel there is an obvious heart-breaking connection between these two historic tragedies. And that’s why they held a memorial service Sunday at the graveside of a group of unknown Titanic victims in a Halifax cemetery.

But Halifax TV networks say there is no connection between the two tragedies. And that’s why they refused to give any TV coverage to the memorial service.

There is no connection at all,” said Atlantic Television network anchorman Bill McKay. “I’m not pro-choice,” said Atlantic Satellite network producer Jill Knopp, “but I can’t see any connection. Babies who died on the Titanic were alive. There were actual living children.”

Bill McKay said his network did not like news events that “surprise” them. “We must maintain control,” he said.

This from a man whose network is totally controlled, manipulated and mesmerized by Henry Morgentaler.

A network which accepts a full gospel every utterance and every word of Henry Morgentaler. When he says, he performed a “charity” abortion on a Maritime “rape victim” the network accepted it as fact!

When he arrives at the Halifax airport, TV covers the event as if it were part of a Royal Visit or super-star rock tour. See Henry wave to his friends! See Henry smiling in a black stretch limo! See Henry walk through a hotel lobby! See Henry arrive at his clinic in a cute little car! See him greeted by his fans for his court appearance! Spontaneous interviews here, there and everywhere.

Henry invites the hungering media inside for a tour of his facilities like Nancy Reagan guiding Barbara Walters through the White House. And then to top it all off the most insane, bizarre photo opportunity in television history.

Henry stage-manages an ad lib interview with a real live customer just moments after her alleged abortion. She’s dressed like Halloween clutching a shawl about her head, her face masked and her voice distorted. Her story is pathetic.  “I can’t afford to have another kid” she sobs.

There is no questioning of the story she tells. No proof of who she is, or what her circumstances are.