The airwaves may be public property in Canada, but the Christian view is effectively censored in a medium dominated by humanism, argues Canadian Christians Concerned About media (CCCAM), a newly founded Vancouver-based organization.

A CCCAM delegation headed by broadcaster Gloria Kieler went before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in the first week of March. She presented a full dossier of cases where media coverage of specifically Christian interest in matters of public concern was biased.

At one time an executive with Vancouver-area media associations, Kieler now works as a freelance journalist for KLYN, a Christian radio station in the state of Washington.

When she learned last summer that the CRTC would not license exclusively Christian radio stations or allow KLYN on Canadian cable, Kieler and several others founded CCCAM – an umbrella organization for such groups as Prayer Canada, the B.C. chapter of REAL Women and Vancouver Right to Life.

Kieler and other CCCAM representatives, including Betty Green, president of Vancouver Right to Life, capped their submission to the broadcasting commissioners with three goals: fair treatment from the mainstream media; Canadian cable rights for U.S. Christian radio stations; and, in the future, broadcasting licenses for exclusively Christian radio and television stations in Canada.