Pierre Lacroix, a charismatic Roman Catholic Quebec lay evangelist, accused in 1989 of having sexual relations with minors, was exonerated of these charges after two boys admitted perjuring themselves.

Lacroix, his wife and children suffered a great deal during this ordeal of false accusations. Some of his supporters thought at the time of his arrest that he was being framed in order to undermine his appeal. Mr. Lacroix, however, feels no bitterness.

Lacroix had a popular 15-minute daily program on Quebec TV stations which he lost following the accusations.

He didn’t waste his time during this painful time. He has become a writer producing two plays in the last year, one of which has been performed in Montreal.

Today he is again the most watched and heard TV evangelist in the province.

There is still one charge of gross indecency with a man over 18 years of age hanging over his head but he is confident that will be thrown out also. Lacroix’s lawyer defends him by pointing out his accuser had given 4 different versions of his story.