United States

Paul Weyrich of the Free Congress Foundation says the vote by most Democrats to maintain the legality of partial-birth abortion demonstrates that the party is captive to the “radical lifestyle lobby” … Pro-life Congressman Pat Toomey (Penn.) announces he will challenge incumbent pro-abortion and pro-cloning Senator Arlen Specter in the Republican primary next year. Pro-life stalwart Senator Rick Santorum announced he will support his colleague Specter in the primary … The Pro-Life Centre for Arizona Policy accuses pro-abortion Governor Janet Napolitano (D) of pressuring state senators to oppose a bill providing for informed consent and a 24-hour waiting period after the state House passes the measure … West Virginia’s pro-abortion Governor Bob Wise (D) lets an informed-consent and a 24-hour-waiting-period law take effect without his signature because there were enough pro-life votes to overturn a possible veto … After four Montana state house members change their minds, a bill requiring the anesthetizing of unborn children older than 16 weeks during abortions is defeated 46-51 … Wisconsin considers conscience protection for healthcare workers … Kansas increases state regulations for abortion businesses. Abortion proponents claim it will increase the cost of running their abortion enterprises, yet do not dispute that the regulations would make abortion services safer for women – although it would remain lethal for the unborn.


The Population Research Institute is concerned that various groups, such as the United Nations Population Fund and USAID, will promote birth control, abortion and radical sexual education agendas, as well as fund abortion lobbyists, in Iraq now that Saddam Husseinhas been deposed … The Emergencies Unit for Ethiopia, a project of the UN Development Program, commits itself to an aggressive population-control program, rather than provide food relief, after recommending that “all appropriate means” should be explored to stop the ongoing population explosion” in Ethiopia, including a “reward and punishment” system to restrict family size … Latin American countries Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru celebrated March 25 as a “Day of the Unborn” … Chris Patten, a European Union commissioner, is named Chancellor of Oxford University. According to the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, Patten compiled “an umblemished pro-life voting record” during his time in the British House of Commons from 1979 to 1992. Patten replaces Lord Jenkins, who as home secretary during the 1960s, liberalized the U.K.’s abortion law in 1967. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton was rumoured to be considered for the post … The British government appoints Baroness Joyce Gould, president of the pro-abortion Family Planning Association and chair of the All Party Pro-Choice Group in Parliament, as chair of its Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV. FPA chief executive Anne Weyman is appointed the group’s vice-chairman … James Nollet writes in Massnews.com that the pro-abortion and contraception policies of Israel threaten the country’s future, as soon Jews will be outnumbered by Arabs and Palestinians because the former’s birthrate is below replacement: “We may have to ban abortion and perhaps even birth control for the basic, simple reason of self-preservation, because we will die off as a culture if we do not.”


Frances Polack, a retired nurse in England, has the words “Do Not Resuscitate” tattooed across the front of her chest in case doctors do not get access to her living will. … TheTaiwan News reports that a majority of Taiwanese doctors have called for improvements to palliative care, instead of liberalization of the country’s euthanasia laws. Liao Yi-lin of theTaiwan Medical Association told parliamentary hearings that it is impossible to be sure that a patient’s decision to ask for assisted death has been freely made … China and New Zealand both consider legalizing euthanasia. While illegal, euthanasia is tolerated in both countries … The BBC reports that 30,000 Japanese seniors committed suicide last year … The American Medical Association, through an AMA News editorial, says “physician-assisted suicide is fundamentally inconsistent with a physician’s professional role.”


Finance Minister John Manley says Heritage Minister Sheila Copps is not a serious candidate for the Liberal Party leadership … The Globe and Mail reports Manley not only supports same-sex “marriage,” but answers the question by homosexual journalist Mitchel Rapheal, “Do you have a problem with gay men … going to a bathhouse to have sex,” with a resounding, “No.” … Ottawa Citizen columnist Adam Radwanski reports that pro-abortion MP Peter MacKay has a wide lead over all other contenders for the Progressive Conservative leadership race.