Pro-abortion politicians can’t escape pro-life protests


Pro-life people in record numbers were out picketing pro-abortion politicians last year. Ontario’s Premier David Peterson and his Attorney General Ian Scott were the objects of special attention for their willingness to pervert the justice system in Ontario in order to allow the continued operation of the illegal abortuaries in the province. At times, neither of them could turn around without meeting a pro-life demonstration. In Windsor, Timmins, Belleville, North Bay, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, Hamilton, Trenton, Pembroke and Thunder Bay pro-life people met these leading pro-abortion politicians. It wasn’t just Ontarians who felt the need to protest the actions of the Ontario government. Premier Peterson found himself the object of pro-life demonstrations in both Vancouver and Halifax. The Vancouver protest took place when Peterson opened the Ontario Pavilion at Expo 86.


Hospital Vigils held Canada wide


For the first time, the May 14 anniversary of the passing of the 1969 abortion law was marked by silent vigils outside Canada’s abortion performing hospitals. From coast to coast thousands of Canadians took part.


Organizers believed that wherever unborn children had been killed in the past year, pro-life people should be present to express their concern and love for Canada’s unborn children.


Anna Desilets, the executive director of Alliance for Life, the national co-ordinating body for the event, was very pleased by the nation-wide participation in the protese – an event that many participants want to see repeated in the coming year.


Constant pro-life presence outside abortuary


On every working day of 1986, pro-lifers were present outside the Morgentaler abortuary in Toronto to witness for life. The persistence and faithfulness of these picketers has been one of the most inspiring demonstrations of love by any group of pro-life people anywhere. Certainly, it has taken the abortionist by surprise.


When the abortuary re-opened in December 1984, abortuary spokesman Judy Rebick arrogantly forecast that the picketing of the abortuary would last no more than one week. Two years later, pro-life people are still there to proclaim to Toronto that life is a precious gift, one which is to be protected and not destroyed.


Special days of picketing are announced from time to time. The most recent occasion was December 10, when over two hundred pro-life people took part in a 24-hour vigil outside the abortuary to mourn the babies killed there since 1984.