On Dec. 8, the Catholic Oblate Fathers of Assumption Province wrote to Governor-General Michaelle Jean to express their outrage over the July 1 awarding of the Order of Canada, the country?s highest civilian honour, to abortionist Henry Morgentaler and to notify her that they were returned the OC award two of their members had previously received.

In a letter signed by Fr. Janusz Blazejak, the provincial superior of the order, they said: ?We write to you today, Dec. 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, principal patroness of our congregation, on account of the recent decision by your office and the committee responsible for nominations to provide an Order of Canada to Henry Morgentaler, the noted Toronto abortionist.

?We hope that this gesture is understood as a sign of our astonishment and outrage at the exploitation of the Order of Canada in the interests of an ideology of death, division and indignity which has resulted in the clinical murder of over 110,000 Canadians every year who never had the chance to deserve a better country.?

The OC has twice been awarded to members of the order, namely to Fr. Anthony Sylla and Fr. Michael Smith. Sylla worked in the early 20th century with new immigrants to Canada. Smith worked with senior citizens and married couples. Blazejak noted, ?Both of these priests were outspoken in their commitment to the inviolable dignity of the human person from the time of conception to natural death.? He continued: ?They would have been the first to acknowledge that their commitment to their fellow man outweighed the need for membership in an order that did not hold to the ideals to which they committed their lives.?

The letter expressed outrage over Morgentaler?s ?unique contribution? to Canada that ?consists of the procurement of tens of thousands of abortions,? which mocks those recipients ?who have given of their lives dedicated to making Canada a better nation.?

On Dec. 12, former Reform party and Canadian Alliance MP Deborah Grey was invested with membership in the Order of Canada.

In an interview with the Western Standard, a web-based magazine, Grey said she disagreed with awarding the abortionist with the OC because he was a ?divider.? She said, ?It has traditionally been an honour that has united the country by celebrating the achievements of people in all regions, under many categories. Unfortunately, Morgentaler has been more of a divider than a unifier in Canada.?

She expressed her gratitude that her own mother had not aborted her and noted the coincidence that Morgentaler?s appointment was announced on her 56th birthday last summer. ?He was appointed on my birthday, July 1,? she said. ?I am very grateful my mother did not meet up with him. She gave me life – the most precious gift of all.?

Still, Grey said she would accept the OC, ?even though I disagree with his appointment. I suspect he may disagree with mine.?

The commendation about Grey reads: ?Known for being a dedicated parliamentarian and an outspoken advocate for youth, education and democratic reform, Deborah Grey is a role model for women in politics. She sat as the sole member of Parliament for the former Reform party of Canada for several years and was instrumental in building the party to its pinnacle of 52 seats. She has also been influential in the formation and success of the new Conservative Party of Canada. Beyond the sphere of politics, she has demonstrated her commitment to youth and education as a foster parent, teacher and public speaker.?

In 1989, Grey became the first Reform MP elected to Parliament in the Alberta riding of Beaver River and she was rated pro-life by Campaign Life Coalition during her 15 years in Parliament.