Reggie Chartrand, a former boxer who now manages a Montreal restaurant, has launched a suit against Henry Morgentaler for performing an illegal abortion for the benefit of the National Film Board’s pro-abortion movie Abortion: Stories from North and South, produced by women’s Studio D.

Mr. Chartrand is backed by Virginia Moore, a wealthy pro-life lady, who has made funds available to proceed with the legal case.  A hearing to determine whether new charges should be brought has been set for September 26, after Court facilities for showing the film were found inadequate on September 4.


On September 8, in the Toronto Star, Morgentaler leaked the news that in August he and six representatives of the Pentecostal Assemblies had held a dinner meeting.  Intended as a “quiet and private” exploration of views by the Pentecostals, Morgentaler referred to it as a “secret” meeting.  He felt they had “a frank and open discussion.”  He added, “We have to recognize our common humanity,” thus treating the meeting as a vindication for his views.

Exploiting the situation as best he could, he further claimed that the church leaders had wanted the meeting also to disassociate themselves from Baptist minister Ken Campbell who opened a Choose Life Canada office next to Morgentaler’s abortuary.  Recently, Campbell attempted to make citizen’s arrests of doctors working at the Harbord Street facility.

Winnipeg: for the latest successful move to keep the Morgentaler Winnipeg clinic closed, see the Manitoba column in this issue.