TorontoGay activist and admitted homosexual John Campey won the NDP nomination in the new provincial riding of St. George-St. David in Toronto. The riding has a sizeable homosexual community. Campey, 29, took the vote 59-25 over his only opponent, lawyer Harry Kopyto. The NDP, the party most firmly committed to abortion on demand, both in Ontario and nation-wide, also strongly favours the protection of the homosexual life-style. On December 2 the party voted in a block in favour of Ontario’s Bill 7.


The pro-abortion, pro-homosexual commitment of Campey will make little difference in the St. George-St. David riding. The other likely candidates, the Tory Susan Fish and Liberal Ian Scott, currently the sitting MPPs for the two old ridings, share the same views as Campey. Both are pro-abortion and defend the legal protection and equality of the homosexual life-style. Scott introduced and defended bill 7 in the Ontario legislature and Fish accused opponents of the Bill, including the Catholic Church and the interdenominational Coalition for Family Values, of promoting “a terrible campaign of hatred” against homosexuals.