“If you get consumed in political trendiness, you get blown around by every wind of public opinion.” Ex-Social Credit member Ron Gray explaining the demise of the B.C. Socreds and why he joined the Family Coalition Party.  (Western Report.  Dec. 20,1993)


“The last government to so flagrantly spy on its political opponents was fronted by Richard Nixon.  These groups deserve an apology from Marion Boyd, Howard Hampton and the Premier himself.” P.C. Attorney General critic Charles Harnick commenting on the NDP government’s decision to hire investigators to spy on pro-life groups.  (Ontario Progressive Conservative press release, Jan. 6, 1994)


“I am absolutely shocked…I cannot believe a responsible government would hire a private investigator to investigate the activities of a perfectly legitimate group of people.” Ontario Liberal leader Lyn McLeod commenting on the NDP’s hiring of a private investigator to tail pro-lifers.  (Toronto Star, Jan. 7, 1994)


“I will go back to jail if necessary, but I will not pay this fine!  And I will not go to jail quietly.” A frustrated Brian Austin after being ordered by the Attorney General’s office to pay a $600 fine for picketing at Morgentaler’s Toronto abortuary.  Austin had been sentenced to 15 days in jail, or pay $600.00.  He chose to serve the jail term but the Attorney General’s office is trying to collect the $600.