The promoters of abortion are currently engaged in some wild contortions in logic in their campaign to portray pro-lifers as violent.  What occasions these efforts is the Ontario government’s attempt to get an injunction barring all pro-life protests at 23 locations across the province, including clinics and hospitals.

Among the evidence presented to the court in support of this ban is a long affidavit from Professor Dallas Blanchard.  A professor of sociology at the University of West Florida, Blanchard is a self-proclaimed expert on the dynamics of the pro-life movement.  He turns upside down the issue of who is violent when he states in his evidence: “A justification for the bombings and arson came from none other than the Roman Catholic bishops of the United States when in January 1985 they condemned the spate of bombings as a symptom of ‘the violence unleashed unto society by abortion itself and concluded that ‘violence begets violence.’

Blanchard’s claim is laughable.  The bishops’ unambiguous condemnation of violence is portrayed as condoning violence.  It is particularly absurd to be accusing the Catholic bishops of this.  Not only have they taken a consistent stand against war and violence in all its forms, they have been cautious even about what peaceful methods are appropriate in fighting abortion.

Naming doctors

One of the things which the abortionists are most anxious to get rid of is the right of pro-life protestors to carry signs which name doctors as abortionists.   The injunction, if granted in the form sought by the Attorney General, would stop people from carrying signs reading “Doctor X kills unborn babies.”

Prof. Blanchard says that carrying such signs leads to arson and bombings: “The response that tends to elicit from people that are sympathetic to this view is a highly emotional response.  It brings out a desire to do something about it, to help stop it…In my research on the people who have done arson, bombing and violent acts at clinics, exactly half of them have never picketed themselves.  But in their own words many of them have said things like, ‘we saw the picketing wasn’t getting anywhere, it wasn’t working, so, I decided to do it for them.’”

The world according to Blanchard, and the Attorney General, is a really strange one.  We have abortionists daily taking the lives of unborn children – an act of violence.  A handful of misguided, and I would add disturbed, people react to this by resorting to violence themselves.  Whom do they blame for this?  According to Blanchard, responsibility is placed at the feet of those peaceful picketers who have had the courage to expose and speak out against the original violence of abortion.

Such a view would be laughed at, if applied to any other situation.  Imagine some person or group perpetrating the foulest kinds of acts; molesting children or carrying out a racist campaign of murder.  The Attorney General’s twisted logic would have us believe that we should not oppose or speak out against such atrocities because to do so might lead others to engage in violent action.

Violent fanatics

The abortionists and the Attorney General are anxious to portray the activities of pro-life people as fanatic, dangerous and violent.  It is their best chance at getting a court order stopping pro-life protests.  Their problem is that pro-life people in Canada have been very  peaceful in their response to abortion.  As a result, abortion promoters are forced to reinterpret peaceful picketing as a violent act.

In fact, this represents the latest stage in a long campaign to convince Canadians that pro-life people are fanatic and dangerous.  It began when the picketing of the Morgentaler abortuary began in 1984.  Numerous pro-abortion columnists and writers portrayed that activity as loud, disturbing and violent.

The sad fact is that literally millions of Canadians – including many pro-life people – have believed the picture painted by the pro-abortionists in the media.  It makes it possible for the government to apply for such a draconian measure as it is seeking in Ontario.  It is important for those of us who have seen and been a part of pro-life activity to constantly remind others that the portrayal of pro-lifers as violent is nothing more than pro-abortion propaganda.