Toronto is getting more progressive these days. The city council voted overwhelmingly in favor of a “clothing optional” beach at Hanlon’s Point on Toronto Island.

The voices of opposition were few. When the vote was finished, 41 councillors voted in favour. Only nine voted against the proposal. One lone voice speaking out against this insane idea was George Mammoliti from North York.

He suggested delaying the proposal so a committee could study the issue. Toronto’s radio commentators laughed at him on the air and asked what was wrong with the guy that he would have any reservations at all. After all, they reasoned, being naked is only “natural.”

This is precisely the problem. Typically, wherever nude beaches are allowed, especially one like Hanlon’s Point which has been a pet cause among gay activists, people will do what comes natural to them.

When I lived in Vancouver, I had a friend who had some problems with his sexuality. He used to frequent the gay side of the nude beach in Vancouver to satisfy his perversions, and indeed they were satisfied – usually by someone who he’d never met before, and sometimes right out in the open on the beach with other people present.

This isn’t nice stuff to think about, but we have to decide if this is what we want in our public parks. I would invite those who don’t believe that this behaviour will take place at Hanlon’s Point to call the parks department on the Island. Over the years, dozens of gay men have been arrested for committing lewd acts in the area. Toronto’s gay paper, Xtra!, recognizes the beach as a popular area with gay men looking for casual sexual encounters.

Until now, at least the police could enforce our laws regarding morality on the beach, and for the most part you could go to Hanlon’s Point with your children and not worry about stumbling upon an obscene act. Now with the spectre of gay men being allowed to run around naked it will be almost impossible to control what will take place, especially once alcohol and drugs become involved.

Some more “progressive” thinkers may dismiss these fears as alarmist. Time will tell. We are in for a long, hot summer this year. I predict that acts that are too disgusting to mention will become commonplace at Hanlon’s Point. I also believe that some men who are going to frequent Hanlon’s Point this year will die young as a result of their encounters. My friend from Vancouver died at the age of 29.

Public health officials in Vancouver estimate that someone becomes HIV-positive every two hours in their city. We should be learning by now that doing what comes natural to us is not always a good thing. This is why a nude beach should not be allowed in Toronto.

Rather Torontonians should for once consider going against their nature, and practice a little decency and self restraint. I’m sure that the mothers with small children who live on the island and have never been consulted about a nude beach would appreciate it if the gay men would keep their clothes on when they come over for a visit.