Five of the fourteen resolutions brought to the crowded convention floor at the 85th annual meeting, May 23rd, of the Ontario State Council of the Knights of Columbus dealt with pro-life causes. One urged speedy passage of the federal anti-pornography bill. Two others expressed horror at the Ontario Liberal government establishing abortion clinics in every locality and urged all Councils to fight against it with every available means at their disposal.

Alliance for Life’s recent telethon in aid of the pro-life cause, (which the K. of C. supported financially), was commended and extended a unanimous vote of confidence.

Constable David Packer, a 14 year veteran of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force, was landed publicly for his unprecedented bravery and determination not to protect any place where they were killing unborn babies. A resolution was introduced that his family be given $5000 and the Ontario State Council was urged to print a letter of commendation and support in the three Toronto dailies.

Willowdale M.P. John Oostrom have a herd-hitting speech, urging everybody to attend nomination meetings of all political parties to assure the election of pro-life candidates in the next federal elections. (Oostrom is facing Liberal pro-abortionist Jim Peterson’s brother).

Rev. Ken Bundy, the guest speaker, a young priest from the London, Ontario area, gave a witty, amusing address that evoked an enthusiastic response, stressing the need for Knights to get active even when there is a real risk involved. He repeated a favourite story about a tight rope walker who challenged a man he met, asking him, “Do you think that I could walk between these two mountains?”

The man said he didn’t think the tightrope walker could succeed. The tightrope artist tried to convince him the he could and he did the feat and returned and asked the man if he thought that he could do a somersault walking along the rope between the two mountain peaks.

And once again the man didn’t think the tightrope artist could do it. The tightrope artist accepted the challenge and went ahead and did a somersault on the rope and returned and said to the man that he was going to do three somersaults backward on the rope!

“Do you think I can do it?” he asked.

“I don’t think you can.” The man replied.

The tightrope walker did three somersaults backwards on the rope and returned to the man.

“Now that you’ve seen me perform – do you think I can push this wheelbarrow filled with potatoes along the rope across to the other mountain peak?”

“Yes,” the man said, “I think you can do it.”

The tightrope walker dumped the potatoes out and said: “Get in.”]

The audience laughed. They got the message: trust and courage is what we all need.