Campaign Life Coalition is deeply disappointed by the position taken by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops on the abortion options of the Mulroney government.  In a letter received by Members of Parliament and Senators today, the CCCB implies that support for Amendment “A”, as the least objectionable of the three proposals before Parliament, is necessary in the absence of a perfect law.  Instead of demanding a just law which would protect all human life from the moment of conception, the CCCB has invited MPs to vote for the least of three evils.

We deny that any person or group of persons may exonerate the conscience of legislators in voting for the legalization of abortion on the grounds that a “perfect” law is not likely to be passed in the immediate future.  Such an exoneration is nothing less than a betrayal of both nation and church.

We encourage all Members of Parliament to defeat each of the three proposals and support legislation which will protect al unborn children, as provided in Bill S. 16, now before the Senate.

Dated at Charlottetown, P.E.I., June 27, 1988.