On January 29, more than 270 Catholics assembled in Kitchener, Ontario to embark on “Miracle for Life ‘90” – a nationwide campaign of prayer to the Virgin Mary. “Our goal is to have over a million people praying to our Lady of Fatima, enlisting her efforts to save the lives of the unborn,” said Elmira, Ontario residents Terry and Nancy Parks, principal organizers of the campaign.

The Roman Catholic Church holds that in 1917, Mary appeared to three children at Fatima, Portugal and gave them a spiritual plan for world peace.

All those who undertake to pray for the cause of the country’s most helpless will be asked to sign a scroll, Mr. Parks explained. Veteran pro-life champion Fr. Ted Colleton, accompanied by 200 pro-lifers, will take the scroll with him when he travels to the Fatima shrine in mid-May.

Fr. Colleton, recently appointed pastor of St. Rita’s Church in Woodstock, Ontario encouraged the Parks to pursue the “Miracle for Life ‘90” project.

Speakers at the inaugural ceremony in St. Mary’s Catholic Church included Kitchener pro-life MP John Reimer and Bishop Matthew Ustrzycki, who reminded the participants that the care of human life is the only legitimate object of good government.

For more information, write Miracle for Life ’90, P.O. Box 366, Elmira, Ontario N3B 3A9 or call (519) 669-2490.