Proclaim Life… Celebrate Life… Serve Life

Ontario Students for Life is a youth pro-life organization which serves to unite pro=lifers across the province, educate students about pro-life issues and put the pro-life message into positive action.

Position: Speaker and organizer for Ontario Students for Life (training provided).

Qualifications: A firm commitment to pro-life, energetic, self-motivated, organized, public speaking, 20-26 years old, likes young people, ability to work alone and with others.

Duration: Total one year (three months summer plus nine-month school year = 12 months).

Organization Work Includes: Correspondence- mail, phone and e-mail, networking, data entry, compiling and creating pro-life material for students to use in their schools and youth groups, fundraising, organizing student volunteers, publicity.

Speaking Work Includes: Preparing and presenting pro-life presentations to high school students throughout the province of Ontario, organizing travel schedules and itinerary, preparing appropriate handouts, helping students establish pro-life clubs or projects, follow up with students who want to join OSFL. (Travel expenses are paid and out of town billets are provided).