Father David Trosch, who made international headlines with his public statements that killing abortionists is morally justifiable, has been removed from his priestly duties.

The Archbishop of Mobile Alabama, Oscar Lipscomb, announced recently that he is providing Father Trosch “with a period of prayerful reflection away from the pastoral requirements of St. John’s Parish, Magnolia Springs.”

This means the priest will not be able to administer the sacraments publicly at his home parish except at two previously scheduled weddings, a release from the Archbishop said.

An earlier meeting between the priest and his Archbishop produced what seemed to be an agreement that Fr. Trosch would be obedient in abiding by the judgment of this “erroneous teaching.”

Fr. Trosch tried to take out an ad in the local newspaper with the words “justifiable homicide” which showed a picture of an abortionist poised to perform an abortion and a person with a gun pointed at him.  The Moblie Register declined to print the ad, but ran an interview which provoked international attention.

After the storm of controversy over the ad, Fr. Trosch met with Archbishop Lipscomb and agreed to abide by his order to refrain from making similar statements.  However, in a later interview the priest continued on the same theme and so he was removed from his parish.

“While recognizing the greatest evil of abortion and the destruction of innocent human life as a result of it, the Catholic Church cannot espouse the teaching that abortionists are to be killed in defence of human life.”

There was no indication how long the priest would be banished from his parish.

“At this time it is not certain whether Fr. Trosch can recover the confidence I need in him to be able to return as administrator of St. John’s,” the Archbishop said.