Surrey-Delta Pro-Life’s recent pamphlet blitz saved the life of at least one baby in the area.

The group designed a pamphlet for door-to-door distribution throughout the area: 100,000 pamphlets were printed, at a cost of just over $4,500.  Distribution through the post office was rejected as the cost was too high and the group relied on volunteers to do the postman’s work.

Mrs. Rita Dion, together with Mrs. Connie Hatherton, co-coordinated the over-100 churches in the area and called upon volunteers from youth groups and other pro-lifers to deliver the pamphlets.  The instructions were simple – leave them somewhere so that they will be seen.  Pamphlets ended up in hair salons, doctors’ and dentists’ offices, bowling alleys, in banks and in workplace staff rooms.

Shortly after the blitz, Linda Forseth, director of the White Rock Crisis Pregnancy Centre, informed Surrey-Delta Pro-Life that a White Rock woman, pregnant, distressed and already booked for an abortion, received a pamphlet in her mailbox.  The information in it convinced her to seek help, instead of an abortion, and she will now carry the child to term.

“If we do nothing more this year,” the group reports in its newsletter, this makes all the work and worry worthwhile.  We have helped to save a child.”