When the civic centre in Brockville, Ontario showed the films, Abortion: – Stories North and South and Democracy on Trial recently, the local Right to Life group handed out the following piece of literature.


– In spite of scientific and medical fact Dr. Morgentaler refuses to believe in the humanity of babies-in-the-womb.


– Hitler refused to believe in the humanity of Jews and Parliament labeled them “sub-human” before they too were eliminated.


– Early America labeled its black people as “chattels.”  They too were expendable.


– Newfoundlanders hunted its Beothuk Indians for sport until there were none left.


– Unlike Dr. Morgentaler and supporters of the death penalty for unwanted humanity, we believe that each person has the Right to Life.


-313 born babies were allowed to die from neglect in Ontario hospitals in 1982.  It was said that abortion would never lead to infanticide, but it happens regularly and quietly.


-You have paid money to see a film that promotes abortion and one that presents abortionist, Dr. Henry Morgentaler, as a hero to women who don’t want the inconvenience of a baby.


-We believe that your money could have been better used for the world’s starving, to our own needy, or to an organization that promotes life.


-We hope that you will donate at least as much to a good cause.