“I really didn’t think much about abortion before.  That cassette of Carol Everett’s talk brought tears to my eyes.  Until I listened to that tape I had no idea how poorly I understood the issue.”  So said a sincere young evangelical lady now involved in planning a pro-life session for businessmen. 

A priest spontaneously approached a CLC staff member and said, “Thanks ever so much for sending me that Carol Everett tape.  You can keep sending me more of the same.” Another stated that he too shed tears listening to Carol’s talk.  A Catholic bishop stated that he listened to Bishop Vaughan’s talk twice.  A church official commented that “Charles Rice’s talk was excellent.  He has a message that all pro-life people have to hear.”

These are typical of the responses to CLC’s recent recordings of talks by top-notch pro-life leaders. 

About a year ago, when he acquired a cassette player in his van, CLC president Jim Hughes discovered that pro-life audio cassettes were an invaluable information resource.  He regularly listens to talks two, three and even four times.  Jim realized that if more people could hear such tapes the pro-life movement would be much farther ahead.  Listeners would acquire a far better understanding of the life issues and how they should respond to them. 

Hearing these very sincere, inspiring and knowledgeable pro-life speakers is believing.  Hence CLC decided to produce and promote inexpensive, quality cassette recordings of talks by the best Canadian and international speakers that it could find.  Two thousand five hundred cassettes have been mailed out over the past six months. 

For those who do not have a cassette player, CLC now offers a very economical but high quality sound player/recorder for only $40.

Pro-lifers who are not able to travel to special CLC speakers’ evenings no longer have to miss the experience.  They can order the cassette.  Also, in many cases these cassettes have proven to be the most convincing educational tool for a weak or doubting friend, relative, doctor or pastor.  Often people won’t listen to someone familiar to them and are even more unlikely to travel to hear a special speaker.  But tactfully give them a cassette recording of a talk by an “expert” or prominent individual that can be heard at leisure and in private and it’s a good bet that the message will be heard and seriously considered.