Alliance For Life of Winnipeg, a leading presented the Kurelek Award to a journalist – the first time in its history. The 1997 recipient is Rory Leishman of the London Fress Press.

The annual award is presented to someone who is not an active member of a pro-life group, but has been actively engaged in work that promotes a respect for human life in Canada.

Michelle Blanchette, executive director of Alliance For Life, is pleased that the honor will be bestowed upon a member of the media. “The media is Canada’s primary source of information. Alliance For Life, like Rory Leishman, believes that Canadians deserve the best reporting. Through concerned and informed journalists such as Rory Leishman, Alliance For Life is able to create public awareness on life issues affecting all Canadians.”

Rory Leishman’s care and concern about others is evident in his reporting. “Rory values human life, even a life belonging to society’s most weak and vulnerable, the preborn child, the disabled, the elderly, the sick.”

The Kurelek Award was presented, June 28, at the closing banquet of Alliance For Life’s annual conference, Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall, University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown.

It was learned that Leishmas was laid off by the London Free Press by same night as the award presentation. He was one of three columnists let go by the newspaper for financial reasons.