Problems faced by supporters of the 1997 Show the Truth Tour are of special interest to noted U.S. pro-life worker Joe Scheidler.

The executive director of the Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League, Scheidler is facing a vindictive and potential disastrous lawsuit launched by the National Organization for Women (NOW) in connection with his unrelenting pro-life activity.

The lawsuit stems from Scheidler’s unwillingness to compromise over the truth of the abortion question. He rarely misses an opportunity to show graphic, admittedly upsetting photos of aborted children at various public venues.

He believes the lawsuit is an attempt to silence the pro-life message, especially since it is so effective in shedding light on the brutal nature of abortion.

In an interview with The Interim, Scheidler said he must be prepared for the criticism and attack of his strategy. He said pro-abortion supporters have become masters at hiding the truth and attempting to deflect attention away from the pain and suffering associated with abortion. He said a constant vigilance for life is necessary to keep the issue prominent in the hearts and minds of North Americans.

“Hard-care pro-abortion NOW lawyers are diabolically clever,” Scheidler told his American supporters. “Like a pack of wolves, they’ve been patiently stalking me, harassing me, and biding their time, waiting for me to run out of funds. They want to pull me down on the ground and go for my throat. They want to destroy me and anyone else who stands up for life. They want to an injunction that would cripple pro-life activists and insulate the abortion industry.”

Scheidler’s concerns here are shared by many Canadian pro-life groups who note the imposition of injunctions designed to suppress pro-life activity in Ontario and British

Columbia. In both provinces, the injunctions have severely hindered pro-life efforts to maintain a public presence. They also represent a serious infringement of freedom of expression.

Scheidler has made a public appeal for financial assistance in the wake of the lingering lawsuit. His case was bolstered with the retaining of noted attorney Tom Brejcha to handle the defence. His services will be timely as a U.S. federal judge recently allowed NOW to expand its lawsuit against Scheidler into a class action.