Interim staff

Pro-life prisoner of conscience Linda Gibbons was found guilty of obstructing a peace officer and breaking probation at her latest court appearance October 2. In keeping with previous court appearance to express her personal solidarity with the innocent, unborn children killed each day at Toronto abortion clinics.

Her latest arrest occurred August 26, just three days after being released from her previous incarceration. Linda lives out her religious conviction by refusing to abide by terms of a temporary injunction against pro-life demonstrations outside Ontario abortion clinics and hospitals. She was first arrested in September, 1994, and has spent much of the last two years in jail for her beliefs.

She has been remanded to Tuesday, November 12 for sentencing at courtroom 506 of the College Park courthouse. Friends of Linda are encouraged to come to the courtroom on the day of sentencing to show their support.

According to volunteers at Aid to Women, Linda is encouraged in her struggle by the support shown at vigils and at courtroom appearances. She bears up well under the strain of imprisonment, but there is no doubt she suffers tremendous hardship as a prisoner of conscience.

Anyone wishing to visit Linda in prison should telephone (416) 675-01806 for details. The West Detention Centre limits the number of visits each inmate is allowed each week. Be sure to call in advance to see if Linda is entitled to more visitors.

Linda’s struggle highlights a campaign by Ontario’s pro-life community to have the injunction withdrawn. The injunction had been criticized by the Ontario Progressive Conservatives as a violation of free speech, but to date the Tories have made no effort to have it lifted.