Gibbons could face second consecutive six-month sentence

Ken Campbell calls her “The Corrie Ten Boom Heroine of the Decade.”

Linda Gibbons is following the example of Corrie Ten Boom’s response to Hitler’s holocaust, by risking her life and liberty in a courageous, Christian response to Canada’s “Baby Holocaust.”

Linda, a grandmother of four, has been incarcerated since early September.  On September 2, two days after Justice George Adams’ court order came into effect (no counseling within 60 feet of named abortuaries), Linda, Bill Whatcott and Rosemary Connell continued with their daily activities, offering help and hope to women in crisis situations.

All three were arrested, charged and found guilty for “obstructing a peace officer.”  Whatcott served three months in jail and Connell was given a $500 fine.  Linda received a six month sentence.

After being released, Linda again refused to acknowledge Adams’ order, which she feels is unjust and restrictive against the Biblical mandate to “rescue those carried away to slaughter.”

After 13 court appearances and a changeover of three judges, she was found guilty and, again, received a 6 month sentence.

Released on April 19, she continued her efforts to save babies the very next day.

At press time, Linda is awaiting another trial in the West Detention Centre in Toronto.  In a telephone interview from jail, she repeated her intention to hold the pro-life banner, no matter what the consequences she must face.

She remains completely silent in all court-related matters.  She is without voice and defence, like the pre-born child whom she defends.  She is courteous and respectful.  It is evident at the court hearings that the judges are reluctant and unsure how to deal with her.

Because there is no media coverage you are encouraged to send letters and cards of support to Linda and attempt to join in the regular show of support outside the jail and in the court room.

This is very important to Linda and to the system because without it, she is a lone voice which can easily be ignored.

Linda Gibbons current address is:  Metro West Detention Centre, 111 Disco Road, Rexdale, ON, M9W 1M3.  (Mail will be forwarded if she is moved.)

A vigil will be held on Saturday, June 3 between 7-8 p.m. at the Metro West Detention Centre.  For more information call Aid to Women, (416) 921-6016