Pickets for Joe

On Saturday, May 19, Canada’s best-known pro-life advocate, became a target of protesters as Borowski Health Foods in St. Vital, Manitoba, was picketed for one hour.

Mr. Borowski commented that it was a switch, “having someone picket me instead of me picketing someone else.”

Eight men, members of a group called Men’s Action Collective Against Sexism, marched in front of Mr. Borowski’s store carrying signs with slogans such as “Shut up Joe” and “Joe does not speak for us.”

Al Bleich, spokesperson for the group said it wants Borowski and other male anti-abortionists to listen to “what women are saying about wanting control over their own bodies.”

“We think it is time that some men say ‘Joe Shut up'” he said. “A good thing would be to have Joe Borowski sit down with, and listen to, women for a change.”

He stated that Mr. Borowski’s pro-life perspective was an example of men trying to “control women” and was a form of violence against women comparable to pornography, wife abuse, sexual assault and incest.

Mr. Borowski found it was strange that the pro-abortion marchers consider themselves part of the effort to stop violence against women while they are supporting “violence against the unborn” and “cold-blooded murder.”

“They are hypocritical,” Mr. Borowski said; “they’re supporting a ‘choice’, which, in every instance, means the death of a child.”

Bleich replied, “Doesn’t he think he is hypocritical in that he is telling women what to do with their bodies? He’s not giving them any right to govern themselves.”

Mr. Borowski said he took exception to a pamphlet handed out by the protesters which said, “We see the attempt by men like Borwoski to silence women as being closely related to a pro-pornography stand.”

The group organized the picket because of the upcoming court case in which Mr. Borowski with argue before the appeals division of the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan that Canada’s abortion laws are unconstitutional.