New Brunswick

Canoe for life

Two New Brunswick men plan a canoe crusade for life this summer. Mike Murphy and Marcel Arsenault will travel along the St. John River from Edmunston, N.B., to St. John N.B., a distance or 270 miles (430 km), between August 8 and 19. Pro-life prayer rallies will be held in communities along the route.

The canoeists are asking for support in several areas. Supporters are urged to join the crusade by pledging one hour of prayer during each day of the trip; by fasting; by canoeing with them part or whole of the route; by becoming active in their own local pro-life group; and by pledging money in support of the venture.

Funds raised by this crusade will be used to purchase films, slides, literature, advertisements and other educational projects in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Funds will also go toward providing maternity and baby materials for pregnant women in need. Seventy per cent of all pledges will be directed to the Council for life (Nova Scotia) and the New Brunswick Right to Life; 20 per cent will support need pregnant woman and 10 per cent will go to Alliance for life.

Mike Murphy, 30, is a physical education teacher in Saint John. He and his wife Wendy have two children. An active member in the pro-life movement, he is a member in the pro-life movement, he is a former president of Alliance for Life.

Marcel Arsenault, 25, is a native of Halifax. He and his wife Carmen, who is expecting a baby in June, live in Guysborough County, Nova Scotia, where he teaches French. He is an active member of his local Right to Life chapter.

Supporters of the canoe crusade for life include the Most Rev. James M. Hayes, Archbishop of Halifax diocese; Most Rev William E. power, Bishop of Antigonish diocese; Msgr. Augustin-Emite Burke, Bishop of Yarmouth diocese; Rev Carl Price, Baptist Minister, Halifax; Rev. Ford Alward, United Baptist Church, Florenceville, N.B.; Rev Lowel Buckingham, Wesleyan Church, Moncton, N.B.; and the Rev. Bernard A. MacDonald, St. Francix Xavier, N.B. Pro-life medical support comes from Dr. Robert Walley, president of the Canadian Physicians for Life; Dr. Bob Brown, president of the Nova Scotia Physicians for Life; and Dr. L.A. Aube of Chatham, N.B. High-profile prolifers endorsing the crusade include Joe Borowski of Winnipeg, Michael Martorana of Saskatchewan’s Run for Life and Jacqueline Owen, President of Alliance for Life.