A U.S. pro-life organization is set to launch a newspaper promoting right to life and chastity issues among high school and college students throughout North America.

Pro-Life America, a California-based organization plans to publish a 24-page, full-color tabloid newspaper which organizers hope will reach millions of students and young people. To date the newspaper is unnamed.

The publication will be distributed through churches, Christian newspaper inserts, door-to-door drops, hand deliveries, or as a paid insert in campus newspapers. As well, the entire publication will be featured on the Pro-Life America website.

According to John Finn, director of the Pro-Life America, the publication will emphasize the “choose life, not abortion” theme, as well as information about saving sex for marriage, the benefits of virtuous life decisions, and the dangers of contraceptive use.

“Supplement readers will be captivated and inspired by real stories that show how different decisions lead to different consequences, both good and bad,” Finn said. “Positive decisions and actions fill lives with love, peace and joy, while bad decisions bring pain, suffering, disease, stress and broken relationships.”

Finn said the newspaper has enlisted the support of a number of celebrities from television, film, sports and fashion who offer testimony to the benefits of a virtuous lifestyle. Among the celebrities endorsing the project is model/actress Kim Alexis and Los Angeles Dodger baseball player Brett Butler.

To reach more Canadian students, Finn is hoping to link up with the National Campus Life Network (NCLN), an organization promoting pro-life work among Canada’s university students.

Finn said his organization is now working with graphic designers and editors with a view to having the newspaper available this spring.

The newspaper can be accessed at the Pro-Life America website at www.prolife.com/VISION.