The Pro-Life Society of British Columbia has obtained transcripts of a meeting of the National Abortion Federation in which the province’s leading abortionist Dr. Ellen Wiebe indicated that chemical abortions are being performed in communities outside the Vancouver area.

“I know of several other practitioners who are using methotrexate in small communities,” Dr. Wiebe is quoted as saying. “We now have a couple of tiny towns in B.C. where medical abortions are being offered.”

The comments were made at the 20th annual meeing of the National Abortion Federation in San Francisco in 1996.

“The seriousness of this development cannot be overestimated,” said Ted Gerk, of the Pro-Life Society of B.C. “Methotrexate has not been adequately tested for its long-term effects on women. It also has serious side-effects.”

Chemical abortions are now a billable item under the B.C. Medical Services Plan, a program “fast-tracked” by the province’s NDP government.