Gerarda Savoir of Niagara Falls has organized a petition in support of Constable David Packer to be sent to Police Chief Jack Marks.  It reads:

“We, the undersigned, beg leave to petition you as follows:

“Whereas Police Constable David Packer has been charged under the Police Act with failing to carry out an order, and faces possible punishment as a result of not guarding the Morgentaler abortuary, we beg you to reverse this decision and drop any and all charges against Constable Packer, since he has been denied his conscientious right to object to protecting a building where unborn babies are being killed daily, in complete violation of Criminal Law.”

The petition has already been signed by Toronto’s Co-Adjutor Bishop, Archbishop Ambrozic, and by Bishops Lacy and Fulton.  You are urged to make up copies of the petition, gather as many signatures as possible, and send them to Campaign Life Coalition in Toronto before the end of September.