The pro-life film A Matter of Choice was sponsored by the Peterborough chapter of Physicians for Life and was shown on CHEX-TV (Channel 12) on Sunday March 2, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.  TO meet time requirements the film was shortened by six to seven minutes.

As well as the film, Dr. David Hurst, 1985-86 president of Physicians for Life, presented pertinent facts about the abortion situation in Peterborough.  He outlined the number of abortions occurring at Peterborough Civic Hospital each year (300), and described the two main services established to assist women who find themselves pregnant under less than favourable circumstances.

He mentioned Birthright which provides counseling, emotional support as well as other forms of assistance for the mother before and after birth.

The Pregnancy Crisis Centre was also mentioned as a recently established Peterborough aid to women with a difficult pregnancy.  With this service, selected homes are available in the community, to provide lodging for these women before and after the birth of their child.  A unique service provided by the Pregnancy Centre is their post-abortion counseling.  In recent years Dr. Hurst said that he has found an increasing number of problems in women relating to past abortions.

Dr. Hurst placed an ad in The Peterborough Examiner on Saturday March 1, 1986, which listed the names of the members of Peterborough Physicians for Life.  The ad presented the time of the showing of A Matter of Choice. The film was also advertised in a number of churches and church bulletins.

Dr. David Hurst, a frequent contributor of the letters to the editor of The Peterborough Examiner, is the first president of the Peterborough Physicians for Life.  He and his wife, Kathleen, have two young children with a third expected next month.  They are both active in the Peterborough community.