On January 20, some University of Windsor students took a stand against abortion by writing a letter to U of W president Ron Ianni, requesting the removal of physician Walter Wren.

The Association of Students Against Abortion Funding (ASAAF),  chaired by Mark Kahabka, noted in their letter that

…the question that must arise here is whether or not there is a conflict of interest in Dr. Wren’s work, when a young woman walks into Health Services and says, ‘I’m pregnant!’ It seems that a doctor who accepts the position of vice-president on a therapeutic abortion committee should not be available for counseling young women at a university health centre.

It has come to our attention that Dr. Wren is involved in abortion-referral activities (see enclosed).  Therefore we are asking for the immediate removal of Dr. Wren has head physician of Student Health Services.

The letter also noted that Health Services promotes sexual activity by way of their birth-control services and noted that the University of Windsor through the prescribing of  abortificients such as the IUD and the Pill, “has directly involved itself, as well as its students in the active promotion of abortion.”

Mr. Kahabka and his group indicated the wish to be exempt from the $5.00 “incidental fee” which goes toward funding Student Health Services.”

President Ianni has stonewalled the protest, saying that Wren will not be dismissed.  He has reasserted the obligation of all students to pay the $5.00 SHS fee.

Mr. Kahabka and his associates plan further protests of SHS, Wren and the university administration.