Ex-boxer Reggie Chartrand is still a fighter! President of Foundation Combat pour La Vie, a Quebec pro-life organization, he now fighting for the pro-life cause.

In the past two years his efforts to bring Henry Morgentaler to justice have ended in frustration. But this February Mr. Chartrand was at last able to lay seven complaints, through the Quebec ombudsman, against Morgentaler – and Guy Berube and Yvan Machabee, two other abortionists. One of the complaints involves two films in which Morgentaler performs abortions, and openly admits to having performed thousands. The other offences range from “doing illegal abortions,” to “encouraging people commit genocide,” and “double charging (billing the Quebec Health plan together with an illegal fee)”. Presiding judge Jean-Pierre Benin, agreed to sign Mr. Chartrand’s complaint and has arranged for a preliminary hearing.

Asked why he was laying seven complaints, Mr. Chartrand replied, “it’s like a robber sticking-up seven stores – the robber is guilty of seven crimes.” He said that federal authorities are protecting Morgentaler because he has threatened to go to Ottawa and set up an abortuary for alleged “mistresses of cabinet ministers.”

Mr. Chartrand accused Herbert Marx, Quebec Minister of Justice, of protecting Morgentaler, refusing to testify in court as to why he’s not prosecuting. The Quebec press keep saying that Morgentaler already has three different jury victories. But Mr. Chartrand says that’s not true. On one occasion Morgentaler was convicted for performing an abortion and served a then-month jail term.

He urges the Ontario pro-life community lay charges against Dr. Morgentaler and his fellow abortionists, through a Justice of the Peace. He mentioned that Morgentaler has a new film out, Justice and Due Process, in which Morgentaler appears doing another abortion. This film could also be used in a court case.