John-Henry Westen

A new compilation of documentation on pro-abortion violence in Canada, the U.S. and Puerto Rico reveals thousands of cases where pro-abortionists have attacked persons with guns, cars, acid, hypodermic syringes, and baseball bats, while other pro-abortion advocates applauded and supported some of these actions.

Human Life International’s top researchers have assembled Pro-Abortion Violence, which lists over 55 murders committed by pro-abortionists. Unlike typical pro-abortion reports that simply allege incidents of “anti-choice” violence but never document their claims, the HLI report actually documents more than 2,000 incidents of pro-abortion violence, from mass murder to destruction of property.

The report counts only the murders of born human beings, and finds that pro-abortion violence far exceeds “pro-life” violence, 314 to 6. Contrasting verifiable crimes by pro-abortion advocates against alleged crimes by “pro-life” advocates, one finds that in the category of “deadly and extreme crimes against persons (murder, manslaughter, infanticide, attempted murder, kidnapping, torture and rape)” there are 121 pro-abortion incidents versus 25 committed by supposedly “pro-life” persons. In the category of “less serious crimes against persons resulting in actual injury (assault, sex crimes, reckless endangerment, and violation of civil rights)” the ratio is 651-112.

A sampling of recent incidents of murder by pro-abortionists includes a 1993 attack in Huntsville, Alabama where pro-abortion activist Eileen Orstein Janezic murdered 51-year-old pro-life activist, minister, and radio talk-show host Jerry Simon. After shooting Simon through a window of his home, Orstein Janezic held police at bay with a pistol for six hours while spouting quotes out of Anton LaVey’s Satanic Bible.

The report also recounts how in 1994 a jury convicted Los Angeles abortionist Alicia Ruiz Hanna of murder after Angela Sanchez, a 27-year-old mother of four, died at her Santa Ana abortion mill. The abortionist tried to stuff Angela’s body into the trunk of her car in full view of her children, who were watching from the abortuary’s waiting room. In 1998 a jury found pro-abortionist Alfred E. Smith guilty of murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend Deena Moody. Smith killed Deena because she refused to abort their preborn child.

The report also smashes the myth painted in the media of the always heroic abortionist who is bent on serving to women. It notes that abortionist Vilis Kruze of Ohio was a former Nazi SS officer put who became an abortionist for Kaiser Permanente in Ohio and Hawaii. Prominent Chicago abortionist Richard Ragsdale made “kiddie porn” featuring his own three-year-old daughter, and, when caught, blamed his prosecution on local pro-lifers. Boston abortionist Kenneth Edelin aborted a living and viable baby boy, deliberately smothered him, was convicted of manslaughter but released on a technicality, and was later rewarded by being given the post of chairman of the board of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). The report also reveals that world-famous American pro-abortion feminist Betty Friedan of California, a co-founder of the National Organization for Women (NOW), was caught by customs officials at an airport with a load of sado-masochistic magazines depicting women in extreme bondage.

The authors of the 100 page Pro-Abortion Violence report say that those who demand condemnations of “anti-choice violence” should be asked to condemn pro-abortion violence. The report is certain to be used in public testimony and to educate the media, public officials and others that the true violence – both inside and outside the abortion mills – must be laid at the feet of the pro-abortionists.