There was a stench of evil in the air.  Everybody picketing the Morgentaler abortuary in Montreal felt it.  75 of the delegates attending the annual Alliance for Life convention paraded for an hour in front of the abortuary; a large, single-story corner house in a busy residential area.

The “rent-a-goon” squad was there; about 15 of them, unshaven, spaced out, all of them youths who didn’t appear to have anything better to do, standing on the lawn and grouped on the sidewalk blocking the picketers, hurling obscenities in French.

The media were there too.  Sad, sour-faced individuals who ignored the picketers but eagerly interviewed one wild-eyed, screaming, vacuous girl of about 20 on the front lawn of the abortuary.

The pro-abortion contingent was begging for a fight, encouraged by the media shoving microphones in their faces, delighted to record their trite jibes.  One sign got ripped up and a few rotten eggs were thrown at the picketers, while curious neighbours watched.

What did we accomplish?  We reminded the neighbours and other Montrealers, through the media of the evil going on in their midst.  And the picketers, some of them picketing for the first time, found the event opened their eyes to the harassment and barely-restrained violence common to the other side; it renewed their determination to keep standing up for the unborn.