The celebration of motherhood in May has significant meaning for each of us. Too often, we take for granted that each child has known a mother’s love, a nurturing environment and the security of family and friends. Many of the young women who come to Rosalie Hall have lived without knowing this unconditional love. An increasing number of young women have suffered through both physical and emotional abuse and this impacts greatly on their stability to make healthy choices concerning their lives.

It is the young woman’s decision to continue her pregnancy and enter the Rosalie Hall program where the journey begins to better opportunities through education, counseling and community services. Rosalie Hall has built its programs on the Misericordia Sisters’ mission of “compassion of the heart for those in need.”

Admission to the Rosalie Hall program I s based on the preliminary assessment of the young woman, her family history, her utilization of community supports, as well as her education and other issues which concern her. Rosalie Hall’s programs offer a holistic approach to care and treatment of the young woman and her child. Today, Rosalie Hall has a 25-bed residential program including a 4-bed post-natal program. Day client services include an on-site school, Child Development Centre, pastoral program and community-based counseling and school out-reach program.

Recently, Rosalie Hall completed the expansion of its Child Development Centre to increase the number of children who could be cared for while their mothers attended the on-site school. The Centre focuses on the development and care of each child in the program from ages 2 weeks to 2 ½ years with accommodation of 50 children. The professional staff ensures that the young mothers are informed of their child’s progress while in their care. The staff also acts as additional support and resource for the young mothers as they gain effective parenting skills.